Terms of Use

Version 1.2

Translation. The original terms in Finnish shall apply.

Allowed use

  • The purpose of the site is to share information about the history of diving and historical diving, as well as to discuss the topic. This goal must not deliberately be hampered.
  • Dissemination of false or misleading information on purpose is prohibited.
  • Unauthorized advertising is prohibited.
  • Published materials, comments and discussions must be on topic, relevant and polite and must not violate any laws.
  • Such materials in particular are prohibited that can be seen as
    • threatening
    • libelous or compromising the right to privacy
    • bullying, persecution or discrimination
    • inciting to commit a crime, or telling that someone should/deserves to become victimized
    • compromising immaterial rights: only share pictures with permission
  • Nicknames and/or anonymous email addresses may be used, but they must not be misleading. Do not pretend to be someone else. Authorized credentials must be used for sign-in.
  • If you, as a logged in user, publish an article or page and decide to republish it on our Facebook page, the published article or page contents must also comply with Facebook’s community standards and other requirements.
  • Account registration, commenting, submitting forms and posting to discussion forum must be made by real persons. It is forbidden to perform these tasks using automation (“robots”, “bots”).

Breach of terms

Materials that are not in compliance with these terms of usage may be deleted and the responsible entity’s usage rights and data can be removed and connections blocked.

Administrative rights

Administrators have the right to remove published materials, comments, discussions and messages posted on the site and the files sent to the site. Pages and articles can be edited and messages moderated. Excessively large files can be removed or images cropped or reduced as required by storage and layout requirements. Metadata can be edited for publishing and archiving purposes. All material is backed up and stored carefully and safely.

If any material sent (comments, messages, …) is suspected to violate these terms and conditions, it’s publication can be prevented by automatic pre-check. To avoid lost work in case of false positives, please copy long messages before submitting them.

A connection that is suspected to compromise the availability of the site or personal data or security in general, may be technically blocked.

False poitives as well as reports of misconduct can be reported on our contact form.

Limitation of liability

We have created this site for our own benefit and to reach people interested in the same field. Our activities are based on membership and doing things together. We promise nothing and we do not provide any guarantees regarding the features or content or quality of the site. All use or non-use of this site is entirely at your own risk.

This site contains texts, images and videos featuring diving using historical equipment. Such activities require good knowledge on these equipment and their usage protocols. It is also mandatory for participants to have good diving skill. Not all precautions and safety protocols are visible. The fact that we can do something safely does not guarantee your safety, health or survival would you attempt the same.

This site may contain links to sites hosted by third parties and the services they contain (videos on youtube.com for example). We are not responsible for these sites, the content of the sites, or the correctness of the content or the lawfullness of the registration of personal data collected on those sites.

We are not liable for any direct or indirect damage or loss of any kind caused by the feartures or contents, or the lack of them, or correctness,of this site. You cannot hold us accountable even if you would inform us in advance of known risks. We also remind you of the fact that this site does not replace proper instruction and training.

Every user is responsible for the confidentiality of their login credentials and the use thereof. We are not responsible for any problems or damages arising from negligent use or storage of the user’s credentials and them leaking to third parties.