The Exhibition

The most recent major donation is a smallish (two cylinder) russian air pump capable of supporting one diver.
It is part of the Honorable Master Öhman set of gear.
A collection of full face masks
Double hose regulators. A few French Mistrals by La Sprirotehnique and a Spanish Nemrod. Third from left we find the English Ventura of Eka Metsävuori.
An overview photograph of the “small things” collection. There is still room for more snorkels and masks!
Complete self contained underwater breathing apparatuses

The most interesting equipment need not be the biggest. A capillary depth gauge manufactured by the well known pioneer of finnish diving, Ora Patoharju, may very well be our most historically significant item.

Capillary depth gauge by Ora from the 1960’s. Impressive! It boasts a thermometer in the center.

Another item of historical value is the dive torpedo made by another pioneer of finnish diving, Bror-Erik Jansson and his son Peter. It comes complete with a guide book of underwater orienteering written by the father and the son.

The orienteering torpedo can carry a S.C.U.B.A inside it. It fits a five to seven litre cylinder with the pressure regulator towards the rear (towards the diver). The tube holds a travelled distance meter. Below there is place for a compass and an orienteering map. These items do exist but they need yet to be installed by a skilled “engineer”.
The historical value of the divetorpedo is enhanced by the guide on underwater orienteering written by the designers of the torpedo.

Another item of interest is a silver medal in dive fishing in Hanko from 1968.  

Exposition slightly overdone, perhaps. It’s not quite that valuable…

On the other hand, every piece of gear and equipment in the exhibition tells a story of its own. Many items are unique and are not to be found anywhere else. Others exists in few a copies only, and only in Finland.

Many of you might still recall the first ever “divers computer”…
An innovation by Suunto in the 1970’s. A capillary depth gauge coupled with a compass.

The exhibition is open

The exhibition is only open for visit by special agreement as it is run by volunteers. We welcome groups of one to ten people at a time. Be fifteen and you must take turns. The more the better of course. Let us know if you are interested! Many thanks for DG-Diving Group for their support and help!

The quarters of DG Diving Group host much more than just stored equipment.

The doormen and doorwomen of the exhibition stand guard in both rubber and neoprene.
On the wall there are the first and the last cover page of the diving magazine Sukeltajan Maailma – set twenty years apart.

More diving gear?

There are copious amounts of diving gear both in Finland and overseas that will never hit the sea again. We accept all these gear into our collection with gratitude. Everything related to diving is accepted. Although buying is not outright impossible our association is severely limited in funds. It is important that these old pieces of obsolete gear are not forever lost to humankind.