Sukellusjaosto pays a visit to our museum on 6.6.2019

Turun NMKY:n Sukellusjaosto pays a visit to our museum on 6th June 2019 at 18.00. As an expert guide we have Jouko Moisala and he will answer questions regarding the history of diving, the exhibition items and the association itself. Participants should register at Sukellusjaosto’s forum.

Old diving gear is accepted with open hands and everyone interested in historical diving is also welcome to join our association.

Historical diving event in Stockholm 24.-26.5.2019

Our swedish friends Svensk Dykerihistorista Förening organises a historical diving event on 24.-26.5. in Stockholm at Dyktankhus next to the Vasa-museum. In the programme there is barbeque, festivities and diving demonstrations, a gala dinner, lectures and the event will end with a lunch.

A barbeque will be held on friday at 19.00 and the festivities commence on saturday at 10.00. This will also mark 40-year jubilee of the association. Afterwards there will be diving presentations. Bring your own “old” gear with you! A gala dinner will then take place on saturday night. On sunday, Anton Ludwig Fahnehjelm and Arne Zetterström give lectures. The event is ended with a lunch.

A limited number of sixty persons can attend and the price for the whole weekend is 1000 krona, roughly 92 euro.

Diver’s Day 30.5.2019

Dive in a telephone booth

The tenth annual Day of Diving on 30th of May is a historical diving event. The public can make diving bell dives in the lovely river Aura. This unique experience alone mandates a visit. It is also possible to dive in an aquarium (a waterproofed telephone booth of glass) in Standard Diving Dress, equipped with a 12 bolt helmet and all that comes with it. Wooden helmets can also be tried. Address: Forum Marinum yard. Time: 9.00-15.00. Welcome!

Pax Navis

Pax Navis is an event where we can meet old friends; other diving clubs, other friends in diving, and other seafaring folks. Nautic Club arrives with their ship Tavi, Sukellusjaosto brings their Polydeko RIB, Saaristomeren sukeltajat also come with their dive boat. Address: Ruissalon telakka, Hevoskarintie, Turku. This is also where Alfons Håkans has their spaces. The diving bell “Mårten” is also on display.

Events in May in Turku

Dive in a telephone booth

There are two noteworthy events in May.

  • Pax Navis on 23rd of May is the opening of the sailing season, with dive boats on display, and many old friends present.
  • The tenth annual Diver’s Day on 30th of May is an event offering historical diving experiences to attendees. Welcome!

Website published

This website of Historical Diving Society of Finland got published today on 29th April 2019. Our pages host information on both past and future events, and on historical diving equipment and methods.