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Park Victory Tavla II

S/S Park Victory
16.5.1945 – 24.12.1947


S/S Park Victory: Measures and data

S/S Park Victory, VC2-S-AP2

  • V = Victory
  • C = Cargo
  • 2 = 139 m (400-449 ft)
  • S = Steam
  • AP = Transport
  • 2 = Steam turbine 6000 hp

Length 139 m

Beam 19 m

Draft 8,6 m

Speed 15 – 17 knots

Tonnage Brut 7200 tons

Tonnage Net 4300 tons

Dead weight 10600 tons

S/S Park Victory was built in San Fransisco, at the Richmond shipyard. It was laid down on 11 March 1945, launched on 21 April 1945 and was completed for service on 16 May 1945.

The building of S/S Park Victory was thus completed in 67 days.

Homeport of the new ship was San Fransisco.

S/S Park Victory was owned by the US Maritime Commission.

The first voyage was for the Steam Ship Seas Company.

The other voyages were handled by the Luckenbach Ship Company.

When the shipes were completed they were launched during festive ceremonies, and each ship had its own godmother.

The ship was named after Park College (now Park University) in Parkville, Missouri.

At the launching, a delegation from Park College was present. As a gift from the school, the representatives donated a library to the ship.

The Victory-ships were equipped with their own cranes. Thanks to this feature they did not depend on the cranes of the destination harbours. This was an important detail of great advantage, among others in the European harbours that were damaged during the war. The Victory-ships had electric powered boom cranes.

At war time the ships were also armed against surface ships as well as against air raids. Cannon stations were found both in stem and in stear. When crossing war areas there were, besides the ordinary crew, also fast trained ”Armed Quard” troups on board.

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