Local diving-themed jewellery

Many a diver carries a diving-themed piece of jewellery. It could be hanging around the neck, in the ear(s), or on the wrist for example. Often it features a diver or a piece of dive kit such as a fin, a mask or a breathing apparatus. A hard hat divers helmet can sometimes be seen, too. Mermaids are not uncommon either. Often these have been bough abroad “in the south”.

Now there are locally produced options as well, as the jewellery shop Sirokoru from Turku, Finland has included a host of diving-themed jewellery in its well known Baltic sea collection in wich part of the price goes to marine preservation. In addition to the Diver, the Mermaid and the Queen of the Seas, a historical Divers helmet is also available for purchase. The helmet can be worn on a chain or as ear rings. The jewellery is made of silver. The shop can be found in Kaarina on the street Hallimestarinkatu. Sirokoru was founded by the well known jewellery designer Matti Hyvärinen and a second generation is already running the shop.

Diving helmets of silver are a splendid gift for a diver. Can be used either as ear rings or on a chain.

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