European Historical Diving Event

Friday — field trips and get together

After checking in at the hostel ship there is a welcome event and a visit to the nearby maritime museum. Next there is a visit to a shipyard. The field trip day is completed with a trip to a commercial diving company and to see our own collections. In the evening we will have rooftop barbeque and optional sauna. There will be a participation fee covering transport and other expenses.

Saturday — diving and dinner

Historical diving on saturday is a public event. The swimming pool charges a small entry fee (5½€) for the general public but your entry is covered by the conference fee. An unscheduled late afternoon allows a little bit time to pack diving gear, to rest and to explore the city. In the evening we will have dinner together in a restaurant ship. A three course meal (without drinks) would cost about 45€ but significantly cheaper alternatives exist on the menu, so cost will not be an issue.

Sunday — lectures

The lectures are held in english. The event is scheduled to end around 17:00, giving some time to packing. Ship to Sweden leaves at 20:00. Those who travel by ship might want to enjoy a dinner together once the ship leaves port. We will tell more about travel plans and options to those interested.


This list is augmented as things get confirmed.