Ralf Strandell

Turku, Finland

Diving is a splendid hobby. It caters wonderfull views under the ice on a sunny winter's day and on other days one can venture into exciting submerged mines. Search and recovery diving and historical diving both add to the diversity of the hobby. And abroad there are warm waters and major adventures, although these seldom coincide. I am most proficient in search and recovery diving and in sump diving (a form of cave diving). My dive base is Sukellusjaosto of Turku YMCA, Videos of diving and caving I am also the editor-in-chief of Luola, the journal of Finnish caving society. Other associations that I hold dear include and the information security society TurkuSec.

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Finnish navy divers in the late 1950’s

The following pictures of Finnish conscripts doing their military service and diver training have been dated back to the late 1950’s. Vesa Eronen, who took the training in 1958, identified the gear and vessels to be from that time period. Navy diver training took place at Pansio naval base in city of Turku back then. …

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Updated: Historical diving event postponed

The European Historical Diving Event 2020 has been postponed due to the corona virus pandemic. We hope to reschedule the event for 15.9. when it will be organised in conjuction with the Turku day as a two-day event (diving and lectures). If you have paid, tell us where to return your payment. Email: jouko.moisala@dnainternet.net Check …

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Book: Finnish Air Force Divers 1964-2000

This book familiarizes you with diving the finnish air forces from its beginnings in 16.3.1964 to its shutdown in 30.6.2000. The book is unfortunately available only in Finnish. The book mentions that the divers were also aircraft technicians or better and that they were used to study aircraft accidents where the aircraft had sunk in …

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European Historical Diving Event

Friday — field trips and get together After checking in at the hostel ship there is a welcome event and a visit to the nearby maritime museum. Next there is a visit to a shipyard. The field trip day is completed with a trip to a commercial diving company and to see our own collections. …

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Some Finnish diving magazines 1974-2018

Old membership magazines of the finnish recreational divers federation (Suomen urheilusukeltajain liitto, later Sukeltajaliitto) can now be read online. The magazines are written in finnish but the pictures could be interesting to the international audience. Thank you Sukeltajaliitto for a great act of publishing history!

Merry christmas!

The Historical Diving Society of Finland wishes its friends, supporters and colleagues a merry chrtistmas and a happy new year!

The silent world (1956)

A film by Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Louis Malle from 1956. Watch the film down on this page. This film (The silent world, Amazon.co.uk) portrays the underwater adventures of the divers of Calypso, the ship owned by Cousteau. The impressive opening scene portrays divers wearing aqua-lungs (Cousteau-Gagnan regulators and three cylinders of compressed air) and carrying …

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England, Porstmouth and Gosport

Text: Jouko MoisalaTranslation: Ralf Strandell Anyone interested in spending a weekend visiting maritime museums and diving museums should head to Portshnmouth, England. It is an old port and a British naval base and there is plenty to see besides the museums. Maritime monuments are present everywhere. In the picture above we can see a figurehead …

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