Ralf Strandell

Turku, Finland

Diving is a splendid hobby. It caters wonderfull views under the ice on a sunny winter's day and on other days one can venture into exciting submerged mines. Search and recovery diving and historical diving both add to the diversity of the hobby. And abroad there are warm waters and major adventures, although these seldom coincide. Add some publishing and web maintenance and you'll end up with a varied hobby that I can only recommended! I am most proficient in search and recovery diving and in sump diving (a form of cave diving). At the moment I am maintaining two websites besides this one and am editor-in-chief of Luola, the journal of Finnish caving society. Other associations that I hold dear include my dive base Sukellusjaosto of Turku YMCA and the information security society TurkuSec.

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Local diving-themed jewellery

Many a diver carries a diving-themed piece of jewellery. It could be hanging around the neck, in the ear(s), or on the wrist for example. Often it features a diver or a piece of dive kit such as a fin, a mask or a breathing apparatus. A hard hat divers helmet can sometimes be seen, …

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The collection of historical diving gear is slowly growing

There are not too many museums of diving history in the entire world (we have a list). In Finland there is none. A lot of diving gear is scattered around the country and displayed in small museums (or in small displays). This amount of equipment would already fill a proper museum. A permanent display would …

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Traveling around Finland to locate exhibitions

Historical diving equipment is on display in many museums. It is almost always related to professional diving, meaning helmets and pumps and related diving dresses can be found. Along the western coast of Finland there are many small towns with a maritime museums. Rauma The Maritime Museum of Rauma is located at Kalliomäenkatu (34) in …

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Ancient history of diving

This article has only been translated partially. Gradual improvements will come with time. Much of the relevant information (sources) is in english, though. Be carefull with Google Translate, as it can sometimes give interesting results. Preface This article has been written in an attempt to sched some light on diving in ancient times. To maintain …

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An exhibition in Forum Marinum 14.6.—4.8.

We will put some old frogman equipment on display at Forum Marinum in the attic of Kruununmakasiini. The exhibition will be open from 14.6. to 4.8. and it is part of a larger pop-up exhibition event to explore how the museum could be developed in the future.

2019-06-06 Sukellusjaosto pays a visit

Turku YMCA Scuba diving section paid our museum a visit. After a refreshing cup of coffee we had the priviledge to get to know a commercial diving company and see the machinery they have designed and built. After a very interesting round trip we moved along to the museum. The twelve visitors were very interested …

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Exhibition and lecture at Raisio public library

Pinnan alla – työssä ja vapaalla (Submerged – at work and on leisure) is an exhibition featuring finnish diving history and diving equipment from the 1950’s and forward. The exhibition opens on 3rd of June and a one-hour public lecture is given by Jouko Moisala on 4th at 18:00. Doors open at 17:00. Free entry. …

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Public diving on Divers day

Historical Diving Society Finland organised its tenth annual Divers day event on 30th of May. As this was a jubilee year, a decision was made to invite the general public to dive river Aura in (a replica of) an 18th century diving bell. Some arrived on purpose, some by accident, but all were welcomed to …

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Report on Pax Navis – the opening of sailing season

The sailing season is about to start and it was time to meet old – and some new – friends. Represented were The Baltic sea challenge; dive clubs Nautic Club, Saaristomeren Sukeltajat and Sukellusjaosto; as well as the Finnish Lighthouse Society, Meripelastusseura (Search and rescue association), Pidä saaristo siistinä (keep the archipelago clean) and many …

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Sukellusjaosto pays a visit to our museum on 6.6.2019

Turun NMKY:n Sukellusjaosto pays a visit to our museum on 6th June 2019 at 18.00. As an expert guide we have Jouko Moisala and he will answer questions regarding the history of diving, the exhibition items and the association itself. Participants should register at Sukellusjaosto’s forum. Old diving gear is accepted with open hands and …

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