June 2019 archive

An exhibition in Forum Marinum 14.6.—4.8.

We will put some old frogman equipment on display at Forum Marinum in the attic of Kruununmakasiini. The exhibition will be open from 14.6. to 4.8. and it is part of a larger pop-up exhibition event to explore how the museum could be developed in the future.

Estonia, Tallinn, Estonian maritime museum

The Estonian maritime museum is located on two sites. Part of the collection is on display in Thick Margareta, a tower in the city wall encircling the old town, while the rest can be found in Lennusadam (an old water plane hangar). Both sites are a walking distance apart. This museum does not really offer …

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Poland, Warsaw, museum of diving

An actual museum of diving (not a maritime museum) resides in Warsaw at Grzybowska 88. It boasts one of the largest collections in Europe with around 800 objects in its collection and it is worth a long visit. The museum was founded in 2006 by the Warzav diving club. The vast majority of the exhibition …

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Sweden, Stockholm, Vasa-museum

After a few minutes walk from Dyktankhus you will find yourself in the Vasa museum. It is a place well worth a half-day visit. The recovery of the Vasa warship involved a lot of diving. The earliest dives were done in the beginning of the 1660’s when Treileben and Peckel used freedivers and a diving …

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Sweden, Stockholm, Dyktankhuset

The Historical Diving Society of Sweden, Svenska Dykerihistoriska Förening (SDF), is worlds oldest such society. It was founded in 1979. It managed to get hold of a building called the Dive Tank House, “Dyktankhus”, that was used as a training and research station in the Kalärvarvet submarine fleet base. In the building there was a …

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Poland, Gdynia, maritime museum

Divers in Gdynia Gdynia is a short and cheap journey away from Gdansk by train. The train goes from Glowny station from where one can also travel to Sopot, which we would also recommend (not as a diving history destination though). The museum in Gdynia is at the sea and it features diving amongst other …

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Poland, Gdansk, maritime museum

Gdansk offers a lot to a visitor. The maritime museum on the banks of river Moltava features diving in addition to its other displays. The museum is well worth a visit. The day can be completed with a visit to the Second World War museum, which offers new perspectives on the war. A LIST OF …

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2019-06-06 Sukellusjaosto pays a visit

Turku YMCA Scuba diving section paid our museum a visit. After a refreshing cup of coffee we had the priviledge to get to know a commercial diving company and see the machinery they have designed and built. After a very interesting round trip we moved along to the museum. The twelve visitors were very interested …

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Exhibition and lecture at Raisio public library

Pinnan alla – työssä ja vapaalla (Submerged – at work and on leisure) is an exhibition featuring finnish diving history and diving equipment from the 1950’s and forward. The exhibition opens on 3rd of June and a one-hour public lecture is given by Jouko Moisala on 4th at 18:00. Doors open at 17:00. Free entry. …

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Public diving on Divers day

Historical Diving Society Finland organised its tenth annual Divers day event on 30th of May. As this was a jubilee year, a decision was made to invite the general public to dive river Aura in (a replica of) an 18th century diving bell. Some arrived on purpose, some by accident, but all were welcomed to …

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