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Historical diving gear. Breathing apparatus, diving dresses, buoyancy compensation, gauges, lights, and everything else.

Diver “boots” – production process

Creation of the lead sole: The drawing is created as a faithful reproduction of the original, then with the aid of a CNC cutter the wooden MASTER (coloured red) necessary to make the mold for the subsequent sand casting is obtained. The wooden sole is made of elm wood which has the characteristic of being …

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Submerging with an aqualung

Mistralin nimilaattoja on painettu neljällä eri osoitteella valmistusosoitteesta riippuen.

The pioneer of diving, Jacques Cousteau, and engineer Emile Gagnan developed the first regulator in 1940s. The world-known Mistral regulator, which is still popular with historical diving enthusiasts, was developed a few years later. Text and photographs: Pekka LahtinenTranslation by Ralf Strandell “A child has never opened a christmas present more excited than we were …

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The collection of historical diving gear is slowly growing

There are not too many museums of diving history in the entire world (we have a list). In Finland there is none. A lot of diving gear is scattered around the country and displayed in small museums (or in small displays). This amount of equipment would already fill a proper museum. A permanent display would …

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Old Gear

Historical Diving Society of Finland owns a 16th century diving bell replica called Mårten, an “aquarium” (a telephone booth with a glass window for dive presentations) and a cage/platform for lowering a (commercial) diver into water. In addition we own three hand driven air pumps (compressors): two made in Russian and one, by Siebe-Gorman, of …

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