Book: Finnish Air Force Divers 1964-2000

This book familiarizes you with diving the finnish air forces from its beginnings in 16.3.1964 to its shutdown in 30.6.2000. The book is unfortunately available only in Finnish. The book mentions that the divers were also aircraft technicians or better and that they were used to study aircraft accidents where the aircraft had sunk in water. Their technical understanding combined with their skill in diving proved valuable. This book is not a traditional history, but contains important memoirs of the divers themselves. This unique book tells the story of this very small special force.

The publisher explains the same with more words in Finnish:

Name: Sukeltajia ilmavoimissa [Divers in the airforce]
Author: Kari Lähdesmäki (Diving officer of the airforce 1993–2000)
Published on: 25.1.2020
Pages: 336 (in size ISO B5)
ISBN: 978-952-7044-48-3
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